1. What is Supercomposer ?

Supercomposer is a web-based demo of generative music software developed by Recombinant Inc., a technology startup based in Northern California.

2. What is it generating ?

This version is currently generating new chorales in the style of Bach, on demand. Every composition is new and unique. Supercomposer is capable of generating compositions in the style of many other composers in many genres, both popular and classical.

3. How does it work ?

Supercomposer uses Recombinant Inc.’s proprietary technologies. First, we have methods of capturing the structural patterns in music. Secondly, we have technologies that use that information to create new compositions that are entirely original while conforming with the patterns which have been captured. New compositions can range from short-form output (such as ringtones), to long-form output (symphonic music), to streaming output (like a videogame soundtrack), to various interactive and collaborative environments wherein the user may, with permission, call upon or direct the virtual talents of any living or legendary composer.

4. What if I have more questions ?

For general information, please visit our corporate website at www.recombinantinc.com
For business opportunities, please contact Dave Park directly at Dave Park
To to stay informed about Supercomposer please contact here

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